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IMAGING - Document Processing

J&K has repeatedly achieved top technological results in the range of Document Processing, and have always been ahead their time. The J&K interface technology could already scan 500 pages in DIN-A4 format per minute when no scanner existed at the time to cope with this speed. We can scan more than 1000 pages per minute - again a feat no scanner can reach - and even with a software-ony solution, without the previously-required hardware components.

Our strengths are primarily the flexibility and excellent support of all major production scanners including Agfa, BancTec, Bell+Howell, Canon, Fujitsu, InoTec, Kodak, Panasonic, Photomatrix, Ricoh, and Visionshape.

Imaging means scanning, displaying, printing, and administrating documents by the PC.
Here, different types of information, such as scanned facsimiles, incoming faxes, files from office applications, etc., are captured and administrated, all data-base supported. Large amounts of information are processed, and the user has direct access to individual documents at each workplace.

Leading scanner manufacturers closely cooperate with us. Our SmartScsi as become a standard for production scanners of Agfa, BancTec, Bell+Howell, InoTec, Photomatrix and Visionshape.

Thanks to our customer-specific solutions, we are the ideal partner for scanner manufacturers, system integrators, and software houses who deal with document processing. There is still the important market of OEM manufacturing for scanner producers.

Highly-qualified engineers with a wide spectrum of technical knowledge develop top-of-the-line product lines in hard- and software.

A special Service Department attends to client problems, including on-site help during emergencies. Generous warranties underline our trust in our products.

Training and consulting of our customers' employees are done on our premises, or on-site at the customers' location.

DPU Technology can effectively be used in all lines of business. Major international bank houses in New York, Frankfurt and Switzerland scan with DPUs, as well as one of Germany’s largest special home-buyers savings banks.

Government departments in the USA, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Russia rely on DPU-based scan stations for their originals.

In Cologne, every week several ten-thousands of waybills at a major international forwarder are scanned, and in El Paso several millions of AWBs for one of the largest courier services.

In both cases, DPU technology is the key to cope with the high volume of originals.


Packed with special electronics, the DPU16+ is able to manage scan speeds of 500 images per minute.

Scan service renderers in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Scandinavia, and Australia profit from the DPU products by increased throughput and raising their productivity.

One of Europe's largest wholesale companies scans all incoming invoices centrally for all stores, using DPU Hardware and DpuScan-Software.


With the DPU-S as a software-only solution for scan speeds of more than 1000 Images per minute, J&K surpasses the capacity of 5 year old hardware solutions

At insurance companies, power- and water supply stations, chemistry companies, oil refineries, and car manufacturers, you can find DPU Technology in document capture.

DpuScan as high-capacity batch-scan software for production scanners comprised image enhancement modules, barcode search, and a powerful OCR module.
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