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EMBEDDED Systems - Industrial Computers

The ISA96 components make a fully PC-compatible industry-suited control system available to the client.

The scope extends from standard components via complete computers to customer-specific boards.

Based on CPU-components in 3 and 6 unit height formats, with ISA96 or with PCI-Bus, the system is completed by peripheral PC components and in-/output components for various control tasks.

There are also components for fieldbus systems like Interbus, Profibus and Arcnet, which fulfill the desire for decentral process periphery.

PC-controlled positioning, control and survey of machines and robots in manufacturing. Uniform PC-based system architecture with scalable capacity for all control and data processing tasks.
Any standard programs enable network communication in the central survey of all production data. One operating PC controls all functions for visualization, protocolling, and monitor operation, a further control PC serves for process control, positioning, control and survey.

With all solutions, optimal performance, low maintenance and futuristic design are the most important factors, along with an excellent price/capacity ratio. As all systems originate from its own development and manufacture, J&K ensures quality, continuous supplies, and service for many years to come.

The control of this injection molding machine is based on a J&K Industrial PC. All controls of tools and transport devices, and the process visualization are realized by a two-processor-system in connection with local I/O and the fieldbus Interbus.

As a partner to the industry, Janich & lass stands for competence, quality and reliability. As a result, renowned industrial companies have opted for J&K. These examples illustrate the diversity of the applications.

J&K offers standard components of different performance grades. Low performances processors, where sufficient, come with a low system price. Highest performance processors are available for applications where they are required.

Along with the standard programs, J&K also develops customer-specific electronics.

These applications reach from the Euro-size card as supplement for the existing ISA96 system, to fieldbus-able controllers for two axles.

Automotive manufacturing demands a high quality standard on the utilized hardware. J&K products are applied at these stationary electro nut runners. All screw-connecting processes at a car part are controlled here, and are protocolled.

Our service department is involved in this process from the start, in order to be able to effectively solve any problems. Qualified experts give our clients quality advice and support.

In close coordination with our customers, we establish a conception for solving their user-specific problem. Consulting assistance during the whole project, from putting into operation to training on-site, grants trouble-free functioning and secure operation.

We see ourselves as partners of the industry, competent at large projects, but also with full engagement for minor problems. By maintaining our own manufacturing, we connect engineering capacity at conception and construction with solid craftsmanship in production and integration.

In railway systems J&k components are used. On the Cargo Sprinter, a special cargo train, a J&K industrial computer monitors the train management and the braking system.
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